Digital surface microscope for Quality Inspection

Sample 30x21cm

 marked defects

like an eagle sees a mouse in a large field, you see the fly in the right picture, just zooming with 2 fingers on the screen

  • Two versions are available - a mobile cordless and a stationary version.
  • A clever development from standard components: The solution is based on the combination of the fastest available tablet PC using Windows and  high-grade digital cameras with the highest resolution. Image recognition software, a light box and the motorized control of lens and axles.
  • With a traditional microscope only a small part of the material sample can be analysed at once. That is different with the Roboskop: It’s eagle eye captures the area the size of a complete A4 page "at a glance" instead of focusing on a tiny area under the ocular as with conventional technologies.
  • Multiple cameras with the highest available megapixel density combined with integrated image recognition allows the detection of material defects down to  1/100 millimeter (10 μ) in size. This is three times smaller than the thickness of a human hair.
  • The image recognition software of the surface microscope provides real-time information about the type and extent of the problem: amount, area, diameter, statistical distribution and other deficiency categories are automatically detected, marked and logged.
  • A light box is part of the Roboskop, it offers top, side and through going light (Triple Light)
  • And what is classified as a defect is calculated by our image recognition software and marked with red dots.

For more informatio down load this brochure