A world premiere, digital surface microscope for Quality Inspection

We are experts for quality assurance using image recognition.

Our new innovation is a hybrid camera - microscope and photographic camera in one - a sophisticated camera arrangement combined with a high performance tablet, inspired by the eyesight of the eagle.

The search for a material defect in textile materials is more efficient: image triggered - the integrated image recognition marks errors. A marked location can be enlarged and controlled with 2 fingers on the touch screen. Scale back to a DIN A4 sized overview and zoom in on the next error, or leave the search for errors in their entirety to the image recognition software.

A clever development from standard components named Roboskop.


We are looking for additional applications in other fields

Our role model was the eagle. It sees a mouse on the ground from 1 km hight

Available in different Versions


Roboscope mobil


Battery operated, portable. Computer, display, camera, dome light, side light, image recognition software , all in one housing.



Roboscope Lab


Mains operated. Up to 3 cameras, 10μm details visable, digital axes, dome light, side light (motor-adjustable), polarizing filter for CF, all in one housing. Image recognition as for the mobile version


Sight of field 20x30cm, First step: image recognition finds faults, second marks them and calculates the size. Zoom to interesting details with a double click on the screen, faults smaller than a hair can be displayed with up to 50x magnification