A world premiere, digital surface microscope for Quality Inspection

We are experts for quality assurance using image recognition.

Our new innovation is a hybrid camera - microscope and photographic camera in one - a sophisticated camera arrangement combined with a high performance tablet, inspired by the eyesight of the eagle.

The search for a material defect in textile materials is more efficient: image triggered - the integrated image recognition marks errors. A marked location can be enlarged and controlled with 2 fingers on the touch screen. Scale back to a DIN A4 sized overview and zoom in on the next error, or leave the search for errors in their entirety to the image recognition software.

A clever development from standard components named Roboskop.


We are looking for additional applications in other fields

Our role model was the eagle. It sees a mouse on the ground from 1 km hight

Available in different Versions


Roboscope mobil


Battery operated, portable. Computer, display, camera, dome light, side light, image recognition software, all in one housing.


Roboscope Gloss  NEW!


designed for Carbon- and Glass Fiber, for Quality control of Prepregs and it finds scratches on shiny surfaces.


The latest family device has been specially developed for the inspection of shiny surfaces, e.g. for the examination of CF-prepregs or GF-prepregs. With a lighting specially developed for this task, structures up to 4 μm in size can be made visible and analyzed with image recognition


Roboboscope Lab


A normal microscope is good to investigate the smallest faults, but it is hard to find the faulty region.The Roboscope has 3 cameras to make 4μm details visable in a field of view 20x30cm. Digital axes, dome light, side-light (motor-adjustable), transmitting light, exchangeable lenses, are a powerfool tool.


First step: image recognition finds faults, second marks them and calculates the size. Zoom to interesting details with a double click on the screen, faults smaller than a hair can be displayed